Since 2002, having the world's first carbon fiber core conductor installed by a TSO, it has been our mission to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience of the electric power transmission grids around the world. After years of extensive R&D and trial installation efforts on using stranded carbon fiber composite cable (CFCC) cores for overhead transmission lines, in the late 1990'ies, TRI finalized the development of the ACFR conductor around the turn of the century. The objective was to develop a conductor that could be used to upgrade existing transmission corridors without structural modifications and be installed using conventional methods and equipment. This objective was achieved on the incorporation of sophisticated stranding technologies and modernized materials science: To create a higher-strength, flexible, lighter-weight, and structurally reliable tension bearing component for the conductor that could incorporate additional conductive aluminum without a weight or diameter or handling characteristic penalty. With the stranding technology we've sharpened for 130 years, the purpose of our division is to contribute to the expansion of access to the modernized power grid around the world.
Since ACFR®, the world's first carbon fiber core overhead power transmission line developed by Tokyo Rope International and made of CFCC® (stranded carbon fiber composite cable), was installed in Japan in 2002, it has been used in power transmission networks around the world. Our raison d'être is to contribute to further improvements in efficiency, power transmission capacity, and, above all, reliability as an infrastructure. ACFR® is a high-temperature, low-sag wire that uses lightweight, high-strength, and low-thermal-expansion CFCC® as its core material, and has the same weight and diameter as conventional ACSR wire, but incorporates more conductive aluminum. (high temperature, low sag) electric wire. Additionally, CFCC® is more linear, giving it practical flexibility, while ACFR® can be constructed using conventional construction methods. Tokyo Rope International Co., Ltd. applies the technology and know-how it has cultivated over 130 years to new materials and provides high-quality services, thereby creating a foundation for people around the world to lead rich and sustainable lives. We will contribute to the creation of infrastructure for a new era.