Engineering Products

We are developing higher quality products based on safety, security and the environment.

TR Rock Box

TR ROCK BOX is a method most commonly used for rivers, paved roads, landslide prevention sites with erosion control as a Gabion construction method. It enhances the resistance from pressure behind by using Φ8.0 wire net, and Φ13 or Φ16 steel bar frame, strengthening and widening the frame, flexible as well as multi-purpose structure.

Acrylic Translucent Panel

These acrylic translucent panels offer excellent transparency and sound insulation, ranging from low to high frequencies. Designed to prevent scattering of fragments upon impact, they also meet the flame resistance standards of NEXCO. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and recycle.

Toff Coated Products

Toff Coating is the superior coating in Japan. Denatured saturated polyester resin indicates high level adhesive strength. High corrosion resistance (4 times longer than galvanizing) , acid resistance, and alkali resistance were certificated by the authority. Color selection is various, you can select suitable color for the site.


This is a universal-type small rock fall guard fence, offering cost efficiency, workability, and ease of maintenance. It enables environment-friendly, economical rock fall protection by being optimally placed to suit the slope topography without using concrete foundations (which destabilize the slope) or scaffolding (which increases construction time).

Mighty Net

This construction method prevents the development of rock fall by controlling loose rocks and rolling rocks on a slope with a special wire net (thick net) kept in close contact with the slope. It can be constructed both on rock slopes and earth and sand slopes. With erosion of earth and sand controlled by keeping the net in close contact with the slope, it also effectively promotes greening.

Rope Net

This construction method prevents the development of rock fall with loose rocks and rolling rocks on a slope by placing wire ropes in a lattice pattern. It can be constructed both on rock slopes and on earth and sand slopes. It can be installed with the minimum of clear-cutting of trees and without affecting the natural aesthetic appearance.

Curtain Net

This is a high-energy-absorbing protection work capable of absorbing repeated rock falls within the designed elastic limit. With the upper part of the net kept wide open and with a wide column interval, it can handle rock falls that develop high up without the columns being damaged.