Stay cable for stay cable bridge

CFCC is used as stay cable having advantages such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, and small thermal deformation for stay cable bridges.
In 1999, a PC stay cable bridge that used CFCC 40.0mm dia. on the whole as stay cables was constructed in Herning city, Denmark (located in the central area of the Jutland peninsula). This PC stay cable bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge with length 80m and width 5.2m over a railway, verifies suitability of CFCC for this purpose.
CFCC stay cables can reduce maintenance costs for cable coating and replacement in the areas such as hot spring areas or seashore areas where has severe environmental condition for steel.
In the future, by means of an epoch-making reduction in the self weight, we hope that CFCC makes cable's degradation of axial stiffness entailed by increase of longitudinal length smaller, contributes for the possibility of super-long-span bridge with an interval of over 1,200m between columns.
Courtesy the Danish Highways Directorate

Main cable for suspension bridge

CFCC has ideal properties as a suspension bridge main cable, i.e. "lightweight", "corrosion resistant" and "small thermal deformation", thus its practical application is expected.
In Switzerland, instead of the conventional parallel steel wire cables CFCC 12.5mm dia. x 16 bundled cables were used at the re-construction of a deteriorated suspension bridge with a length of 114m.
The suspension bridge cable made of CFCC is anticipated to be applied as a solution for maintenance cost reduction for cable coating and re-erection in environmentally severe areas for steel such as hot spring areas and seaside areas.
Moreover, by utilizing CFCC application merits of decrease in self weight and in stress diversity caused by temperature changes, we hope that CFCC can contribute to further elongation of super-long span bridges and development of evolutional cable-structure bridges in the future.
Overall view of suspension bridge, CFCC as main cable