Tokyo Rope International Inc. will keep contributing to the creation of safe social infrastructure systems that will allow people around the world to enjoy rich and comfortable lives by taking full advantage of the distinguished knowledge and technologies which Tokyo Rope Mfg. has cultivated for 130 years, applying them to new materials, thus providing with Japan's best quality services and products.

CFCC ACFR Division

TRI is technology provider for innovative high performance overhead conductor called ACFR offering twice ampacity with lesser sag and lower temperature. ACFR will be one of the best eco-friendly solution to growing electrical demand.

CFCC Civil Engineering and Construction Division

CFCC's one of the most notable characteristic is that it is "Corrosion Free." CFCC will make perfect replacement for steel bridge reinforcing materials suffering rust from salt damages in snowy areas and coastal zones.

Engineering Division

Tokyo Rope International provides appropriate countermeasures against various types of natural disasters, all the way from designs to constructions.
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CFCC Civil Engineering
CFCC Civil Engineering
CFCC Civil Engineering
Production procedure videos of the 2 way CFCC PC deck slabs adopted at the Kushiro Port, an International Strategic Bulk Port in Hokkaido, have been newly uploaded.
1.) 2 way CFCC PC deck slab production procedures - part 1: Pre-tensioning
2.) 2 way CFCC PC deck slab production procedures - part 2: Post-tensioning
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